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    Rotary Drilling Rig

    Drill Rig China Pile Rotary Drilling Rig SR150 Pile machinery

    Item No.: SR150
    Rotary drilling rig is widely used in urban high-rise buildings, railways, highways, bridges, airports, ports and  other bored pile foundation construction, features wide application range, high working efficiency, stable performance perfect customer supp
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    SR150C Unit Parameters
    Max.Drilling Dia. mm 1500
    Max.Drilling Depth m 55
    largest torque kN.m 150
    Speed of rotary drive totation rpm 7-14
    Max.push kN 150
    Max.pull kN 160
    Crowd stroke mm 4250
    Mast sideward . (+/-)5
    Mast forward . 5
    Main winch pull(1st layer) kN 160
    Main winch wire rope dia. mm 28
    Max.main winch line speed m/min 70
    Aux.winch pull(1st layer) kN 60
    Aux.winch wire rope dia. mm 14