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    About Us

    About Us

    Chinese construction machinery are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of technology and utility. Over the past decade, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with all major manufacturers in China and meanwhile we have successfully helped and serviced many foreign purchasers and clients who want to purchase Chinese construction machinery Deserving even better services and deals, our current and potential customers will see and enjoy our improved performance in the future. We believe that our warm and professional service will bring you pleasant surprises as well as fortune.

    Advanced Manufacturing Technique

    Oriented by the market, MAFAL carries out R&D according to the market and conducts reasonable product planning. Possessing the first Post-doctoral  Research Station in China’s construction machinery industry and the first  “State-level Technical Center” in the industry designated by four Chinese ministries and commissions incl. the National Development and Reform Commission, MAFAL set up the only experimental center in the world which is specializd in the experimental study of construction machinery. In addition, MAFAL also has the world’s leading cathodic electrocoaing lines of whole vehicles
    and chassis workshop with internationally advanced level. All these have  improved the design level and guaranteed the manufacturing capability of MAFAL construction machinery products


     Advanced Manufacturing Technique

       Strictly controlling the quality of raw materials at the source and attaching great importance to the  
     product quality, MAFAL has set up a whole-process quality control monitoring system. In 2011, MAFAL was granted the Quality Management System Certificate ISO/TS16949: 2002 issued by German DQS company. Yutong is the first one in China’s machine industry who got the certificate, marking that the China’s bus industry represented by MAFAL has kept pace with the international level in terms of the quality management

    Informatization Management 

          MAFAL takes full advantage of various information technologies to improve its internal management level. 
    MAFAL began to start the construction of management information system early in 2008. Adhering the principle of “Conduct overall planning, implement step by step”, MAFAL introduced ERP, PDM, KOA, CRM, SRM and other systems successively, and integrated the businesses of production, supply, sales, technology, finance,HR and so on. Its leading level of informatization management in China has laid a good foundation forthe smooth expansion of the company.